Darling Digital world is retail chain with about 100 stores working SAP business one and Avaniko’s Retail solution. As they were dealing with multiple channels, the data relating to sales enquiries was received at multiple points.

  • Stores 
  • E-commerce Enquiries through Chatbot
  • Calls to Customer Care etc.,
  • Contact number shared in Press Ads 

All the store enquiry was captured in the application provided by Avaniko integrated with SAP. As the Ecommerce tool was shopify, there were different chatbots and the enquiries were landing up in emails and other locations.

We came up with idea of extending Zoho CRM for other data collection points. We discussed and  set up the fields according the process needed in two day. This is a very big advantage of any cloud product. Its very user Friendly.

We also integrated the relevant data from our application to Zoho CRM. By the end of this small project, Darling Digital world was able to get the following benefits.

  • Consolidated view of Enquiries from prospects.
  • Routing Enquiry from Ecommerce to Stores and Vice versa
  • Data analytics by store enquiry and performance of Stores on the Enquiry.