Implementation processes are unique to the technology partner you choose for any product – that is why, we say at Avaniko that any product can be successful with the right partner beside you for implementation!

Success Rate
Our 100% Success Ratio over the decade has come from thinking for the benefit of customers at every process of implementation.

Implementation for us at Avaniko is more than software, it is putting together ideas, strategy, thought-process of what works for them and what doesn’t, believing in their employees, bringing a change management, exploring their processes, being friendly to the team to understand their core issues, giving them a heads up of what’s in store for them after implementation, making their organization an intelligent enterprise on the whole and much more..

Project Approach

Our methodology is professional but our approach to implementation is unique to each company!

Phase 1


  • Create a project character
  • Develop project plan & organizational chart
  • Finalize budget
Exit criteria
  • Resource plan
  • Budget approval
Phase 2


  • Document business requirements
  • Identify localization requirements
  • Identify key design choices and update business choices flows
Exit criteria
  • Requirements(Business & functional)
  • To-be business process flows
Phase 3


  • Design technical requirements
  • Document new process
  • Create IT build plan
Exit criteria
  • Technical design document
  • IT build plan updates to
  • Profile flows
  • Refined project plan
Phase 4


  • Build system, integrations and report
  • Complete functional(IT) testing
  • Create testing and training plans
Exit criteria
  • System build complete
  • Testing and training plan
  • Training materials
Phase 5

Test & Train

  • Computer user acceptance testing
  • Train end users & complete end to end testing
  • Finalize cutover strategy
Exit criteria
  • UAT sign off
  • User end to end testing sign off
  • Cutover plan
  • Go/no-go checklist
Phase 6


  • Complete cutover activities
  • Execute hyper-care
  • Measure KPIs
Exit criteria
  • System go-live
  • Support transitioned to business
  • Lessons learned published
  • Project closing

What should be different in an Implementation to become Intelligent?

  • Empowering the core of operations, and to add intelligence in the process which leads to delightful customer, vendor & employee experiences is the vision for all our implementations
  • Global exposure and strong business analysts to understand complex businesses and various accounting processes
  • Our process is designed to make enterprises intelligent in their operations
  • Bringing a digital transformation to their business processes
  • Recognizing the people in processes for automation
  • Innovation is a core of our implementation




Scope 360’ Research Synthesize
Ideate Prototype Validate
Implement Test Deploy
Our Process