It is simple and makes businesses efficient. For ease of understanding, automation is all this and more:

  • Auto-filling of forms on your computer
  • Sending digital signatures across without printing
  • Response to customer support or enquiry at the push of button
  • Marketing messages or emails we receive throughout the day
  • WiFi/ Bluetooth getting connected to the nearest source

As seen, all the said simple work-life automation examples are the ones we use or receive every day.


We, at Avaniko help establish standard processes initially and find ways to automate the mundane tasks. Be it simple or complex, we have done it all to increase operational efficiency of our clients’ businesses.

Examples can be too many but to name a few of our client automations:


Automated expense claim process

Manual expense claim process for a company was automated so there were no discrepancies and swift processing without any communications between other teams and accounts department


Syncing e-commerce orders with ERP

Automating the real-time E-Commerce orders from Shopify/Magento into the ERP system directly saved time and also helped companies manage centralized inventory for their multiple channel sales

Automated alerts using Chatbots

Automated alerts using Chatbots

Simple miscommunications between different teams were reduced with Chatbot integrations to send alerts from system when required to act upon, thus saving a lot of workplace conflicts and bringing peace to management 😊


Automated messages to streamline process

Automated messages to vendors & customers for streamlining processes, leading to brand recognition in their market segment


Automated entry to systems for product team

Production team who do not have access to computer on shop floors have been provided with mobility solution to capture accurate data and post automated entry to systems

Automating accounting processes

Automating accounting processes

Accounting processes for payments are automated using complex bank integrations

Automating the reading the documents in bulk

Automating the reading of documents in bulk

Using Machine Learning (fancy name for the ability to read computers), automating the reading of documents & converting them to purchase orders in bulk was performed!

& the list goes on..

Automations can be of any type or size, but as long as you eliminate one manual process at a time, every business has the opportunity to become fully automated, paper-free enterprise in the long-run!

Any automations you can think of? Let us connect

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