As QSR business is itself quickly evolving, there is always need for innovation and improvements in the operations. The Quicker you serve, the happier the customers are. We have helped leading QSR chains with their entire business applications and their retail operations.

Giving Digital experience to the customers has become integral part of any businesses. It’s more important from a QSR perspective to give Digital payments and digital experience option. Our solution of QSR integrated with SAP Business one, will ensure smooth running of operations. We have listed few features provided to our customers below:

Integrated Stock Receipts

Certain food products are directly delivered to stores and the accounting and Vendor payments become complex. We have made it seamless for accounting.

Integrate Online Orders

The Stores can directly receive orders from your website, Food Panda, Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats etc., into our POS.

Wastage Management

With our proactive alerts in the chatbots, we can help you manage your wastage on daily basis.

Inventory Control

We have the option to maintain certain items as Inventory and others as non-inventory. You will have complete visibility into inventory in stores.

Chatbot Integration

We have integrations with various chatbots internally within our organisation or externally to your customers. Be it WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, MS teams, we have it all.

Digital Payments Integration

We have integrations with all the large banks, Paytm for the payment requests to the Customers to pay for the bills.

Daily Gross Margin Analysis

With the daily consumption entries and the stock posting, we seamless integrate it with SAP to arrive at a daily gross margin.

Payment Reconciliation

the Complex and time taking process of the receipt’s reconciliation from your food aggregators, will be handled by a simple upload. System automatically accounts for your expenses and reconciles the invoices.

Consolidated Accounting

POS is seamlessly integrated with SAP Business one and at our customers, we have noticed a direct impact of at least 50 % saving of time.


Store analytics integrated with accounting can be extracted as per your internal KPIs. Timely availability of analytics will help you make informed Decisions.

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