It is the team you build that’s more important. However, your team needs a solid software for the operation and analytics. We have worked with numerous clients to craft the right solution needed for Retail Industry.

We would like to classify the challenges the Retail industry faces into two types.

Traditional Challenges:

  • Master data Integration between Retail and ERP systems.
  • Pricing Control in the stores
  • Tender and Card Reconciliation
  • Inventory Management & Retail Stores Replenishments
  • Integration of Sales between Retail and the ERP systems.

Modern Day Challenges

  • Customer Retention as you need to show unique selling point to the customer with multiple channels and loyalty management.
  • Brand building and improved Customer Experience
  • Omni Channel Management to share the Retail inventory in the Ecommerce Platform.

SAP Business one can easily address these challenges as most of these are included in the standard features of the product.

Managing Item masters

Item master and consolidation of sales between Retail and ERP is overly critical for any Operations. This will be seamless with SAP Business One.

Inventory Visibility

Complete visibility into inventory including ageing in the store locations and warehouses.

Integrated Accounting

Inventory and all other business transactions will be seamlessly integrated with your accounts.

Prices and Discounts

Retail expect complex discounts and pricing strategies for the business operations which is all part of SAP Business One.

Reporting Capabilities

Inbuilt Hana Analytical engine will help you slice and dice your data with KPI’s and dashboards

Customer Data

The System is capable of handling huge volume of data and also maintains the customer History for Loyalty decisions.

Why Avaniko

Today’s business handling the modern-day challenges are very crucial and not just any partner will be able to do it. You need to have digital transformation partner with innovation expertise, which is part of Avaniko’s solutions to Distribution businesses.

 Customer Portal
Customer Portal

Complete visibility into inventory including ageing with batch and serial management


Chats bot sending messages to customer, keeping effective communication.


Integrations with Amazon or another platform