Retail teams need a digital partner who understands the challenges and provides unique solutions to meet the needs of business.

We have worked closely with second generation entrepreneurs who not only understand their family business, but they also give a fresh perspective on how to take the business one step further with the digital advantage.

Traditional Challenges:

  • Limited visibility of Inventory
  • Inaccurate customer data
  • Customer relationship management

Modern Day Challenges

  • Limited or no omni-channel management
  • No real-time customer data and buying patterns
  • Technology adoption to new fashions or designs
  • Finding and retaining the best skilled talents

Yari, our Jewellery Retail ERP connects your business challenges & provides the ready-made solutioning that can help to have a seamless operation. Highlight of the functionalities:

POS for billing & estimations
Single & multiple store management
E-Commerce management
Inventory Management
Chit mobile application
Gold schemes
RFID Integration
CRM management

Why Avaniko

Today’s business handling the modern-day challenges are very crucial and not just any partner will be able to do it. You need to have digital transformation partner with innovation expertise, which is part of Avaniko’s solutions to Distribution businesses.

 Customer Portal
Customer Portal

Complete visibility into inventory including ageing with batch and serial management


Chats bot sending messages to customer, keeping effective communication.


Integrations with Amazon or another platform