Effective integrations, not only help make the core operations stronger but also simplifies workflows and boosts efficiency. Integration can be as simple as linking your daily messaging system (SMS) to an ERP for effective customer or vendor communications. Every business is working towards putting together their systems to achieve a digital transformation. Integrations are the future of sustenance.

Be it simple or complex integrations, at Avaniko we come with global expertise and strong technical know-hows to integrate any third-party application with an API (Application Programming Interface).

If you are using the best tools or applications for your business, it is time to integrate them to see the bigger picture of what the data on the whole can do for your business.

SAP Business One has an integration framework in itself for emerging companies to integrate any application to SAP.

A few of our integrations include:

  • Google Voice / Alexa
  • Chat Bot
  • Whats App/ Telegram
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Calendar
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Bank Integrations
  • A parent company ERP system
  • Logistics Integrations like 3PL

The list does not stop here as we help our customers integrate with new applications every single day!

We take up every integration as a challenge to show our technical expertise! Do you have any application which you would like to integrate?

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