Beauty Wares

Beauty Wares is into Retail and Distribution of Luxury tiles & Accessories of International Brands. They also undertake huge projects for flooring through their project’s division.

While discussing the processes, we understood that it’s a big challenge for them to prepare customised proposal as they were using Word document and excel, and they had no clue once the proposal is sent. On the analytics of the proposal and so on. 

We proposed Beauty Wares to use Proposify and helped them to create predefined templates. Multiple templates were created based on the type of the projects. Now the Proposals are prepared in few minutes with few changes to each customer.

Beauty Wares is also getting the following benefits due the implementation of this small cloud solution.

Interest level of customers

They have complete visibility to the proposal, whether its opened by the customer, which page is read more number of times etc.

Auto Followup & Reminder

It also automatically sends followup to the  prospects, who has not accepted it.

Digital Acceptance

The customer acceptance can also be received online with the help of the tool.

We have integrated Proposify to SAP Business one, so when the customer accepts the proposal, it will automatically create the sales Quotation with Approved status in SAP.