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Web & Mobile Applications

Avaniko Salien

An award winning in-house customizable sales mobile application built with gamification feature for sales employees. Inventory Checks, Predictive analytics and seamless sync to orders in POS is a plus for any high-value retail with multiple showrooms.

Avaniko Stokien

To eliminate the stock mismatch between the system and warehouse, this app allows to be in complete control of stocks at any given point of time

Avaniko Shopien

Immersive Virtual Reality application for the next-generation retail shopping.

Avaniko Shipien

Delivery made easy with notifications based on orders, geo-tagging of delivered location, return/exchange item management, photo upload of delivery, COD & much more

Avaniko Socien

A B2C social media integration application which calculates the number of likes or shares of a post and cover to loyalty points as per a logic, increasing brand visibility for our customer and also increasing customer happiness with loyalty points instantly

Avaniko Taskien

Simple To-Do application built for any task or project management within the team from SAP Business One. Now employees can stay in track and managers can maximize the efficiency in which the tasks are completed

Avaniko Visien

Mobile application built for visually challenged employees for sales transactions and inventory control

Avaniko B2B portal

B2B portal which can help distribution companies check inventory, create sales order, review order history, track payment and delivery status, raise after sale call or support. All of this with the portal which is integrated with SAP Business One

B2C Portal

POS solution for a high-end retail chain store, compatible to work with 70+ stores and seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One. The features include masters, inventory, purchase, sales, payments, service, reports at POS level


Human Resource Management System which is perfectly capable of SMBs operations, seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One

PO Portal

An expense claim portal which enables employees to claim and settle expenses using this portal, adding to the flawless experience of employees


GST Add-On

This add-on helps our clients reconcile GSTR1,2 & 3 every month without any hassles. It is also seamlessly integrated with the Government Portal to file taxes directly from SAP Business One

E-Way Bill

Electronic Way Bill allows SAP B1 users to directly raise E-Way bill along with Invoice from the ERP itself to help save time and automate the E-Way Bill processing. The invoice with E-Way Bill attachment can also be shared automatically via emails and chatbots


In most countries, Electronic Invoicing has been paved way by governments to digitalize businesses. This integration with SAP Business One allows clients to raise electronic invoice on ERP system without the hassle of login and create invoices from government portals

Digital Signature

The new form of digital signatures has been approved by many governments on invoices for businesses. This add-on allows to raise invoices, credit and debit memos from the system with digital signatures to avoid paper printing of documents.


The new wave of business has been attracting lot of traditional businesses to open to E-Commerce selling and that is why, we have integrated the E-Comm portals to SAP Business One.

It ensures the inventory is centralized for different channel operations and also raise orders in SAP directly from the E-Commerce portal.

E-commerce integrations




Market platforms has significantly raised the purchasing pattern of buyers hence we have integrated several of our client products to the platforms to have centralized operations even with multiple platform listings to avoid inventory mismatch and order mismanagement.

Amazon Flipkart Marketplaces

Office Tools

Simple office tools when integrated with SAP Business One can do a lot of digital transformational change in operations and experience of an organization. Bringing together these tools on the platform of SAP Business One, can be beneficial on serval aspects of a business.

Office Tools Integration


Several organizations use multiple ERP systems including a few bigger systems in place for the parent organization. The integrations between the other systems ensure the proper functioning of sister companies or other country entities across the global operations.

ERP Integrations


Logistics plays a vital role in distribution companies and these integrations of major logistics players to the SAP Business One offers a competitive edge for the smooth operations.

3PL Integrations


A customer relationship management is crucial to any B2C company and hence we have integrated several global CRMs to SAP Business One for seamless CRM reports for ERP.

CRM Integrations

Bank Integrations

Most of the banks today globally provide APIs for bank integrations with the ERP systems. We have seamlessly integrated several banks across the globe for our client operations.

Bank Integrations